perform HR

performHR are “changing the way HR is done”. We are doing this by challenging the status quo of HR service delivery around Australia and the globe. Our mission is to provide tailored, commercially savvy, HR solutions to help our clients Lead, Grow and ProtectTM their businesses.

We understand that all business are at a different stage in their HR lifecycle, and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. With experience working with clients in mining, construction, manufacturing, franchising, aged care, not for profit and professional services sectors, We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, industrial challenges and working with them to ensure compliance and management practices are aligned with state and federal employment legislation across each sector.

Whether it is a short-term need or a long-term strategic goal, we work with you to design a model that delivers measurable outcomes and supports the achievement of your strategic objectives. We are committed to providing you with peace of mind, clarity of direction and a HR capability that works for you.

TMAA Members have access to exclusive offers and discounts on services across all 8 functional areas of HR, including WHS and Employee Relations. performHR is committed to providing TMAA Members with timely, industry specific and cost effective support.

These offers include:

  • Access to an initial 30 min free Virtual HR Consultation (phone, Skype or other)
  • 10% discount off all services. This including ad hoc hourly rate services, fixed price projects and ManagedHR (retainer)


  • FREE Virtual HR health check including a 1 hour follow up consultation.


Head Office: 64-66 Glebe Road, The Junction NSW 2291

1300 406 005

But have employees located all over Australia!

Expense Reduction Analysts

ERA believes that all organisations deserve the best supplier relationships at the lowest cost. However, ERA’s 20+ years of experience in delivering over 18,000 client projects consistently shows that the vast majority of companies are systematically over-paying their suppliers.

How we do it
Although ERA is a leader in the best practices of procurement, we’ve also discovered these best practices alone cannot deliver the most effective and lowest cost, supplier relationships. The real key is to understand each of your suppliers’ businesses and industries as well you as understand your own. That intimate understanding and “insider” knowledge can be leveraged to structure relationships that take full advantage of the inherently unique attributes and inner workings within their industries.

Not only do ERA specialists understand the unique inner workings within each of the suppliers’ world, they have real time data on changes in the suppliers’ markets and behaviours, locally, across the country, and even other parts of the world. As a global company, ERA’s network of specialists spans five continents, allowing us to benchmark costs and spending, witness the latest supplier innovations, and to know what’s really possible.

How we work with our clients
We want to design a working relationship that’s best for the client, and we find that every client’s situation is different. So, we are very flexible in how we work with companies and other organisations.

We find that executives and their staff are so busy they can’t afford the time, resources, or distraction to take on any new projects. This is why most clients prefer that ERA invests all the resources and expertise necessary to analyse, execute, monitor, and manage the entire program. They want us to deliver the additional cash flow and transfer knowledge with the least impact to their staffs.

Are you leaving money on table?
If you find this model interesting and are curious to learn more, ask to talk with an ERA advisor. We are happy to leverage our knowledge base to show you how your organisation compares to other similar companies in their expense management efforts, and we can quickly help you conclude whether or not it makes sense to consider working with ERA.


Head office: 9/1 Markey Street, Eastwood, SA 5063

08 7123 4078​

IR Assist

TMAA Industrial Relations Services

The TMAA is committed to providing services that add value and direct benefit to our members and their businesses. Industrial relations plays a key part in the day-to-day operations of any business. The TMAA has appointed Industrial Relations Consultant, David Lyons, to work closely with our members and provide a range of industrial relations services. A dedicated email service will assist our members.

David Lyons has a plethora of experience and expertise working in award, agreement and workplace negotiations. He has completed Law Studies and Sociology, is a Justice of the Peace, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Global Law Practice. David is a member of the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland, The Australian Institute of Employment Rights, and is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

David will provide the following services for TMAA members:


• Award guidance and interpretation

• Advice on dealing with Unions and potential industrial disputes

• Suitability of establishing enterprise agreements for member companies


• ‘Classifications Structure’ to better reflect our industry

• Shift loadings in relation to night shift

• Casual Conversion


• Investigation of reports of Sham Contracting. Evidence and information provided by TMAA members will be submitted to David Lyons for review, and, if applicable, lodgement to the relevant authorities (Fair Work Ombudsman or ATO).


for Industrial Relations queries, advice and information.