Brendan Woods
TMAA President
Brendan’s expertise incorporates a wide range of traffic management and roadwork industry experience over the past 10 years. He is a Managing Director and has represented the industry on a range of high profile forums and committees. Brendan is highly respected across national platforms, and by government and road authorities. He has extensive knowledge of the theoretical and practical applications of traffic management and roadworker operations.

Brendan provides strategic leadership to the association and is dedicated to standardisation and safety as key goals for the industry.

Brendan is also the TMAA Board representative for Victoria.

Ph: 0408 575 694

Paul Kelly
TMAA Vice President
Paul has a long history of senior management roles across a variety of transport, security and road industries. He has held positions on a range of stakeholder groups and has held President and Chair roles in state based associations. He brings an extensive operational set of skills to the industry and the association.

Paul is the TMAA Board representative for Queensland.

Ph: 0449 903 265

Andrew White
TMAA Treasurer
Andrew’s traffic management industry knowledge and expertise hails from over 10 years working in Management and Director roles. He has held positions on committees and worked closely with other roadwork based associations including AAPA, CCF and RIAA.  His ability to negotiate with road authorities and government drives the association’s goals and objectives. Andrew delivers key account management for the overall association financial framework.

Andrew is the TMAA Board representative for South Australia.

Ph: 0404 041 632

Chris Boyer
TMAA Secretary
Chris has worked in the traffic management sector for over seven years in senior management and director roles. His knowledge of traffic management guidelines, safety and compliance is second to none. He is a key figure working with government, road authorities and other associations within the Northern Territory on behalf of the TMAA and its members both nationally and locally.

Chris is the TMAA Board representative for the Northern Territory.

Ph: 0420 416 776

Stephen Hynes
TMAA Board Member
Stephen has over 14 years’ experience in the traffic management and security industry. He has represented New South Wales as a President, Vice President and Board member. He has also represented the TMAA as a Board member over consecutive years. Stephen was at the forefront of establishing the New South Wales Traffic Management association and has extensive knowledge of the workings of the industry.

Stephen is the TMAA Board representative for New South Wales.

Ph: 0418 261 072

To be announced
TMAA WA Representative

Ph: 13000 798 772