On the Road Issue 57
15 April 2019

In this edition…

Focus on Fatigue for new AFM application kit
Advanced Fatigue Management is now easier to access for operators looking for flexibility in their work and rest hours with the roll out of the first instalment of a new AFM application kit.

New heavy vehicle safety cameras live in ACT
ACT roads will be safer with the roll out of new heavy vehicle monitoring cameras on both sides of the Federal Highway near the NSW border.

Road Manager performance
The NHVR has released the latest heat maps showing Road Manager performance for January to March 2019.

Easter travel restrictions
There are restrictions in place for agricultural, oversize over mass and special purpose heavy vehicles in NSW, Qld, Vic and WA over the Easter period.

For more information

Visit www.nhvr.gov.au or call 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487). Standard call charges apply, check with your phone provider.