QLD Chair and Vice Chair


Dan Crowley

Prior to the joining the Traffic Industry, Dan spent over a decade in the Qld Police Service observing firsthand the impact of poor driver behaviour.
He was a founding member and President of the Traffic Management Association of Queensland and Australia.

As founder of Verifact Traffic Control in Queensland and now leading the Avada Group of Traffic Companies, Dan is passionate about the traffic management industry and driving industries professionalism for the betterment of its member businesses and the safety of its people.

Email: dcrowley@verifact.com

QLD Vice Chair

John Cassel

After 30 years in the construction industry, John Cassel was appointed Quality Systems, RTO and Compliance Manager with the Acquired Awareness group in 2013 and General Manager in 2020. John has served as Vice Chair TMAA (QLD) since 2019 and continues to advocate for the traffic management industry via various QLD and national traffic management working groups.

Email: johncassel@acquiredawareness.com.au

NSW Chair and Vice Chair

NSW Chair

Tynan Diaz

Passionate and motivated Business Manager with 10 years of experience in traffic management. A demonstrated history of working across operational, management & senior leadership roles at D&D Group. Skilled in customer service with a particular focus on forging lasting relationships with customers and stakeholders. A proven ability to deliver challenging operations and projects according to budget, and managing High performing Teams with a keen emphasis on innovation, value and road worker safety.

Email: tynan.diaz@dd-group.com.au

NSW Vice Chair

Khaleel Hamdan

Khaleel has 19 years of experience in the traffic management sector and has been with Altus for 13 years, delivering consistently on the largest infrastructure and maintenance projects in the country. He has held various positions within Altus including Operational and Safety leadership functions and possesses a background in Business Information Systems. Khaleel leads a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals within the NSW operation including more than 500 traffic controllers. Khaleel has full P&L control of the NSW business, continually looking to improve, grow safety year on year and continue to be a industry leader in the market.

Email: khaleel.hamdan@altustraffic.com.au

VIC Chair and Vice Chair

VIC Chair

Anthony Simmons

Anthony has been part of the Traffic Management Industry for over 10 years.

His Traffic Management Industry knowledge and expertise hails from working his way through the industry from Traffic Controller to his current position as General Manager Road Services.

Anthony is committed to the on going advancement of the industry through close consultation with Road Authorities, raising the professionalism through tiered training accreditation and believes the TMAA must continue to work towards standardisation and harmonisation across the country.

Email: anthonys@trafficdiversions.com.au

VIC Vice Chair


SA Chair and Vice Chair

SA Chair

Stefan Webb

Stefan has over 15 years experience within the industry commencing on the road as a Traffic Controller way back in 2007. After ‘learning the ropes’ on the road, Stefan moved into various Operational roles including Scheduling, Planning, Operational Management and General Management. Stefan is passionate about Traffic Controller Safety and training as well as innovation and raising industry standards across the board. Currently, Stefan is a Director of Fast Lane Traffic, a newly formed Traffic Management company based in South Australia.

Email: Stefan.webb@fastlanetraffic.com.au

SA Vice Chair


WA Chair and Vice Chair

WA Chair

Max Line

Max started his journey within the traffic management industry in 2014 by founding LGC Traffic Management to improve the commercial aspect of industry within Western Australia.

Max has a dedication to improve the safety and wellbeing of all employees weather they are traffic controllers or road workers onsite and has avid interest within the technology becoming available to both the traffic and industry’s alike.

He is very excited to see what the industry has in store for the future and innovations that come to light with time.

Email: max@lgctraffic.com.au

WA Vice Chair

Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman has been a key member of the traffic management industry for two decades and two companies. Mark’s passion for training has seen him represent the industry on Registered Training Organisation panels and he is one of the inaugural members of the TMAA in Western Australia. Mark’s knowledge and industry expertise is second to none when it comes to safety and operationalisation of all things traffic management.

Mark is a strong advocate for the industry in Western Australia and indeed across the country.

Email: mark@primetraffic.com.au

NT Chair and Vice Chair

NT Chair

Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer has an industry history of nearly 15 years. He is currently in his second term as TMAA NT Chair. Chris was a founding member of the TMAA NT. While running his family business, TrafficWerx NT, Chris has served also served two terms as TMAA National Secretary and NT board delegate. His passion is safety for Traffic controllers, road workers and motorists and ensuring everyone makes it home safely.

‘’My goal this term will be to lift the professionalism of the industry through new members, an accreditation scheme, and ensure our current close relationship with our road authorities continues to grow.’’

Email: chris@twxnt.com.au

NT Vice Chair


TAS Chair and Vice Chair

TAS Chair

Peter Dixon

TMAA TAS Chair Peter Dixon has over 12 years’ experience in road safety from both holding leadership roles in organising special events, and professionally, working with Spectran Traffic. Peter enjoys working with local governments and stakeholders to develop safe solutions and consistency across work sites.
He has a dedication to the safety of the traffic controllers on his sites and the greater public. He is excited by the opportunities opened up by the formal adoption of the harmonised guide to temporary traffic management  in Tasmania at the beginning January 2021.

Email: pdixon@spectrangroup.com.au

TAS Vice Chair

Nicole Willing

Nicole currently holds the role of Operations Manager at Traffic Dynamix Tas Pty Ltd. Nicole has 5 years of experience in the traffic management sector and has been with Traffic Dynamix in Hobart for 4 years. Nicole worked her way up from traffic controller to planning and systems co-ordinator and now to her current position of operations manager. Nicole was appointed as Tasmania Vice Chair in March 2023.

Email: nicole.w@trafficdynamix.com.au