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TMAA Membership benefits:

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Full voting rights at Division meetings and national meetings (ordinary members only)
  • Access to design and implementation process for National Traffic Management Pre-
    Qualification Scheme
  • Access to legislative changes and legal updates
  • Member/supplier discount programs (vehicle, insurances, superannuation, signage, PPE etc)
  • Brand alignment and use of TMAA logo for tendering, marketing
  • Relationship alignment with Contractors, Government, key stakeholders and Road Authorities
  • Fully dedicated National Board and Management Team
  • Access to industry training
  • Representation of traffic control sector to Local, State, Territory and Federal Government
    and media
  • Educational and networking opportunities including Conference and state/territory events
  • Recognition as a member of a peak professional body
  • Discounts to industry and related industry events, workshops, conferences and educationals
  • Continued professional development through TMAA and affiliated approved events
  • Access to industry professionals and speakers
  • Technical support and participation in Industry Working Groups
  • Board membership for eligible members
  • Access to online resources and technical documents
  • A voice in your industry’s future
  • Drive industry safety with the Your Speed is Our Safety Campaign
  • Be part of National Road Safety Week annually
  • Industry Currency
  • Members only Chat room
  • Members only templates and downloads
Ordinary Members

traffic control and traffic planning companies only

Associate Supplier or Sponsor

product or service businesses eg signs,PPE, insurance, financial services

Associate Organisations

civil firms, training organisations and councils

Associate Traffic Controller

individual traffic controller only

Applications should be submitted via email to or phone the membership team on 0493 534 282.