Last chance to register – 2021 Innovation workshop starts tomorrow

The 2021 iRAP Innovation Workshop starts this week and more than 1,100 are already registered from 117 countries! Co-hosted with the Regional Road Safety Observatories, the Workshop will be presented free in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian) on 7 and 14 October and will shine a light on “Data Driven Innovation to Halve Global Road Deaths by 2030”.

The Regional Road Safety Observatories (RRSOs) in Africa (ARSO), Asia-Pacific (APRSO), Ibero-America (OISEVI), Europe (ERSO), Western Balkans (WBRSO) and Eastern Partnership Road Safety Observatory (EaP) supported by iRAP and other intergovernmental organisations, aim to accelerate country-level improvements in data collection, analyses and decision making.


Announcing 60 successful recipients of the LMIC Road Safety Professionals in Africa Training and Accreditation grants

To help improve road safety across Africa, and with the support of the FIA Foundation, iRAP is proud to announce the successful recipients of the grants to support 60 road safety professionals from low and lower-middle income countries to build their capability to use the iRAP methodology.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have chosen 60 successful recipients, out of a total of 202 applications received from 24 countries across Africa.


iRAP proud to present at UN “AI for Road Safety” Launch

iRAP is presenting at the launch of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and the UN Envoy on Technology and the International Telecommunications Union’s new “AI for Road Safety” initiative.

In collaboration with the 7th meeting of the Focus Group on Autonomous and Assisted Driving (FG AI4AD) and in partnership with the AI for Good Summit, this webinar will explore how advances in AI technologies may be used to enhance road safety for all road users, including safer roads, vehicles, post-crash response and regulatory frameworks.


Using fleets to map the safety of our streets

Using fleets to map the safety of our streets was the focus of an innovative session joined by iRAP CEO Rob McInerney recently at the Together for Safer Roads (TSR) Annual Meeting in the USA.
Rob’s speech explained the importance of Star Ratings for fleet safety management and how iRAP data can become an essential part of fleet business and companies’ health and safety response.

He also profiled the potential of AiRAP to unlock data insights to inform fleet safety decisions and exciting projects underway around the world supporting the accelerated and intelligent collection of RAP data.

Rob and David Braunstein (President, Together for Safer Roads) will both present, alongside other members of the AiRAP team, on 7 and 14 October at the 2021 Innovation Workshop being hosted by iRAP and the Regional Road Safety Observatories on “Data Driven Innovation to Halve Global Road Deaths by 2030”.


ADB and iRAP sign new partnership to save lives in the Asia Pacific

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) are proud to announce the signing of a 5-year agreement to promote programmes and projects for safe and sustainable transport in Asia and the Pacific.

ADB and iRAP have been working in partnership since 2010 to eliminate high-risk roads in the region. The new collaboration will continue to promote projects, Road Assessment Programmes and investment strategies that offer strong social and economic returns across ADB’s developing member countries.


iRAP is thrilled to announce two new members of the iRAP Board.

Raquel Barrios
Raquel Barrios has joined the iRAP Board bringing youth and social entrepreneurship skills to the charity’s governance.

Based in Madrid, Raquel is the Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) Project Manager leading the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, a support structure that is empowering +650 youth from 99 countries around the world in their road safety and sustainable mobility demands and actions.  She has over 10 years of experience in the international non-profit sector, and has worked with youth and children in topics around poverty, sustainable cities, child rights and equality. Her experience has been focused on creating social impact activities, as well as fundraising with a focus on innovative youth-led initiatives.

Ian Gillespie AM

Ian Gillespie AM has joined the iRAP Board bringing global mobility experience to the charity’s governance.

Based in Australia, Ian has been a great supporter of iRAP for many years through his previous role as the Group Chief Executive Officer of the local mobility club RACQ.

The AusRAP advocacy work by RACQ has created multi-billion dollar road safety investments on the Bruce Highway and many other roads across Queensland.  Ian has also played key roles in hosting the iRAP team in Australia and providing global support and leadership through the FIA network.

Ian’s wealth of experience running a successful member-owned mutual will help shape our partnerships for 2030 impact.