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How are your competitors tackling the trustworthy buildings challenge?
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TITLE: Quality Assurance Outlook
DATE: March 15, 2022

Join us on Tuesday 15 March for an online hour of power as we ask – and answer – some of the toughest questions about trustworthy buildings.

– How is Ultra Building Co using a trust rating to communicate with customers?
Ultra Building Co was one of the first builders in New South Wales to gain a trust rating with the help of the new iCIRT tool. Managing Director Andrew Sicari will join us to share insights the rating’s potential as a new way to connect with customers.

– What can we learn from NSW’s “anytime, anywhere audits” of residential apartment projects?
Matthew Press, Director of the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner, will shed light on the quickest wins and the most stubborn areas of non-compliance.

– Will technology rebalance the risk reward scales for non-compliant builders?
Brad Walters, Head of Product and Rating Services at Equifax, which has delivered the ground-breaking iCIRT tool, will ponder this question and more.

– And how far away are insurers from rating the riskiest practitioners in a few clicks?
We will ask KPMG how work on the world-first Building Assurance Solution is progressing and what it will mean in the quest for quality.

We are excited to be bringing together some of the best brains in the business. There’s no better way to prepare yourself and your business for the year ahead and capture a new competitive edge in construction.

Will we see you there?