Sarah Steger
The West Australian
Tue, 19 January 2021 4:33PM
A traffic controller has been struck by a car south of Ravensthorpe.

A traffic controller has been struck and killed by a car in WA’s south-east.
The crash, south of Ravensthorpe, unfolded on South Coast Highway near Fence Road about
It is understood the man was working in the area when he was hit.
Police and St John Ambulance paramedics rushed to the scene, with an investigation under
way into the cause of the crash.
Traffic Management Association of Australia president Steve O’Dwyer said traffic
controllers faced significant risk of injury or death while on the job.
“It is a very dangerous job, when the motoring public aren’t following the guidance and
signage on site,” he said.
He stressed speed limits were in place to protect traffic controllers as well as drivers.
“The biggest challenge for us is motorists deciding whether they’re going to comply (with the
speed limits in place),” Mr O’Dwyer said.
He admitted it wasn’t always evident why signage was present, with some roadwork sites
spanning for several kilometres without a worker in sight.
“Drivers can’t always see the works being carried out, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a hazard
present,” Mr O’Dwyer said.
“It’s important they obey with the signage present irrespective of what think is or isn’t
He called for a general level of patience from all motorists, and for drivers to travel at speeds
that would allow them to stop.
Six months ago, Perth traffic controller Mike Janssen was ​killed after a car crashed into him
on Reid Highway​ in June.
The 27-year-old was put into a coma after the violent crash in Beechboro and remained in the
intensive care unit for two weeks until his family made the difficult decision to switch off his
life support.
Mr O’Dwyer said it was “always tragic when this happens”.
“My heart goes out to the man’s friends, family and co-workers.”