MUTCD / TRUM Update July 2020

Updates to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM) manual have been published to the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

The MUTCD’s Part 1 and supplement to Part 3 have been updated in July 2020.

In the Queensland MUTCD Part 1 General introduction and index of signs, which has been harmonised to Australian Standard AS1742.1, a new Section 7 Target boards for signs improves guidance on suitable application of target boards and target board edge strips with sign examples.

Changes to the supplement to MUTCD Part 3 clarifies guidance on activities by Working in Proximity to Traffic Awareness – Part 1 (WPT1) competent persons; variable message displays; and operational procedures relevant to boom barriers.

The updated Parts are published on the department’s MUTCD webpage, and details of all changes are captured in the MUTCD Amendment Register.

View the MUTCD Amendment Register

Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM)

Volumes 2 and 3 of the department’s Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM) manual have been updated in July 2020.

Updates to TRUM Volume 2, which supplements Austroads’ Guide to Road Safety, Part 3 Speed Limits and Speed Management (school zone guidelines) support Brisbane City Council (BCC) in its intention to improve road safety at locations with a high presence of school children present, based on engineering best practice and judgement.

Changes to TRUM Volume 3 Signing and Pavement Marking Part 9 Diversion route signage and Part 10 Signing and pavement marking for tolls roads involves minor amendments to align with published Traffic Control (TC) signs

The updated TRUM Parts and the TRUM amendment register which details all changes are available on the department’s TRUM webpage.

View the TRUM Amendment Register
View the Publication news page on the Transport and Main Roads website.