Matrak State of Materials Report 2021

Learn why material tracking matters most in our first annual industry report

We’ve uncovered startling insights on why materials matter most in our first annual industry report.

Calculated from over 200 projects and 681,228 materials tracked on the Matrak platform, our State of Materials in Construction Annual Report highlights the power and potential of a transparent supply chain for an industry that’s ripe for change.

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Some key insights include:

  • With a total of $161B worth of Australian construction project budgets approved in FY21, an estimated $80B of that will be spent on the materials themselves
  • Using a material tracking system can save 980 material reorders per project on average
  • Average defect rates per project 1.54% for projects running on Matrak
  • Around 94 hours being spent filling out paperwork per trade, which could easily be digitised

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