An online package of new Resources for 5-star RAPs, funded by FedEx, has launched today to support road assessment programmes (RAPs) around the world eliminate high-risk roads. The launch comes at an opportune time, on the back of the UN High-level Meeting of Road Safety last week, as countries embrace implementation of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for safer national roads that save lives.

Safer roads success is the result of an ecosystem of partners including governments, development banks, mobility clubs, road safety NGOs, research organisations and industry, as well as a number of programme elements, all working together with the common goal to make roads safer in the country.

The Resource features a wealth of materials to support countries develop their RAP activity for high impact stakeholder engagement and coordination, assessments, policy, capacity building, investment, implementation of road upgrades, communications and advocacy, and measurement of success.

It offers guidance on how to develop an effective programme and includes 140 award-winning examples, templates and downloadable materials, drawn from the best practice of partners world-wide.

iRAP is the global umbrella organisation for many local road assessment programmes championing national and regional interests including EuroRAP, AusRAP, usRAP, KiwiRAP, ChinaRAP, IndiaRAP, BrazilRAP, SARAP, ThaiRAP and MyRAP. In addition, RAP activity is underway in more than 100 countries with recognised success.

The Resource is the final outcome of the innovative 3-year 5-Star Global Connections Initiative, funded by FedEx, which has involved the development of iRAP Connect (a Partner Management System for the charity) and Partner Portal, tracking and sharing partner success over 20 years and 100+ countries.

“FedEx has sponsored multiple global projects with iRAP over the past several years,” said Shane O’Connor, Communications Advisor, FedEx Global Citizenship. “Seeing the international impact of the programmes, and the ways iRAP is able to replicate its successes, it made perfect sense to support the development and launch of the 5-Star Global Connections Initiative. The programme provides iRAP the ability to exponentially grow their lifesaving and injury preventing work around the world.”

Global Programme and Communications Manager Judy Williams said, “Effective RAP Programmes require the skills, passion and commitment of a whole ecosystem of partners working together. Resources can be limited, especially in low- and middle-income countries where 90% of road crashes occur. This resource places the best tools and knowledge at the fingertips of every partner in the world for 5-star programme results.

Effective RAPs involve many partners working together in a collaborative and coordinated ecosystem to deliver assessments, policy, capacity building, evidence-based investment, implementation of upgrades and interventions, communications and advocacy, leadership and measured success.