Given TMAA’s commitment to improving road safety, I am writing to you to ask you to join us in supporting the 2021 National Road Safety Week (NRSW) that runs from 16 to 23 May 2021.

Now in its ninth year, the Week is a collaborative campaign from the public and private sectors to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Created by Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH), we are proud to promote this important Week alongside Federal, State and Local Government agencies, road safety organisations and corporates. We feel this program would be a perfect fit for your organisation in terms of showcasing your support for best public health outcomes.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the rate of death and serious injury on our roads remains too high, with, on average, 1200 deaths and around 40,000 seriously injured every year. Last year, despite the dramatic decline in travel due to Covid, 1120 people were killed.

Your support of the Week would be a clear and public demonstration of your commitment to protecting your own community and staff, as well as demonstrating your advocacy to stand in solidarity with victims, their loved ones, and all those affected by road trauma.

To see the range of activities that took place last year, please see the 2020 National Road Safety Week Report here.

There are many different ways to support the Week, from becoming a Supporter (like us) to undertaking one of some of the activities outlined below:

1. Organising executive briefings or toolbox presentations for staff and/or contractors. SARAH is happy to assist with this;

2. Leading a Remember the 1200@1200 event – Observing a minute’s silence at 12:00pm on Sunday 16 May 2021 to acknowledge the victims, families and friends who have lost loved ones in road crashes;

3. Creating a link on your website and promoting the 2021 Road Safety Pledge;

4. Displaying yellow ribbons or stickers on fleet or private vehicles;

5. Lighting or decorating your building or icon in yellow;

6. Using the phrases “Supporter of 2021 Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week – 16 to 23 May 2021” and “Drive So Others Survive!” in signature blocks, media promotion, media releases, web sites, posters and promotional activities in the lead up to, and during the Week; and

7. Promoting National Road Safety Week via both your internal communications as well as social media, in the lead up to, and during, the Week.

To facilitate this show of support, SARAH, our Principal and Government Partners have created a fantastic range of digital and physical assets to use in premises, and on vehicles, websites and social media channels. These can all be co-branded and will be available to download here from mid-March.

If you would like to become a formal partner through an additional financial donation, your logo will be displayed on the National Road Safety Week website and your road safety advocacy will be recognised on both the SarahGroup as well as the National Road Safety Week website.

I hope you will support this year’s National Road Safety Week, including becoming a formal supporter of the Week. I would appreciate it if your advice could be emailed to our Engagement Advisor, Claire Howe, at by cob Thursday 31 March 2021.

Lastly, should you have any questions or queries about National Road Safety Week, please do not hesitate to contact either Peter Frazer via (m) 0466 968 700, or Claire Howe via (m) 0402 418 123.

Yours sincerely,

Louise Van Ristell

Executive Officer