The NHVR has released the latest version of its engine remapping campaign, focussed on the illegal practice of tampering with a heavy vehicle speed limiter to increase the engine above the legal speed limit.

We’ve received a lot of feedback and support of this campaign and the important messages behind it, and it’s great to know that together, we are delivering a safe, efficient and productive future. I encourage you to view the campaign at

In other industry news, I’m delighted to welcome Michael Deegan as the ATA’s new Chief Executive look forward to working with him and the entire team at the ATA as we work to deliver a future facing Heavy Vehicle National Law.

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NHVR’s Plan for Productivity

The NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020-25 (HVPP) is an important blueprint for a safe, efficient, and productive heavy vehicle industry. It sets out actions over a five-year period based on priorities requested by industry.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the HVPP outlines how the NHVR will work with industry and government to identify and deliver on non-infrastructure productivity solutions.

“Close to one year since releasing the HVPP, the NHVR has completed or significantly progressed 30 of our outlined goals,” Sal said.

> Click here to read Sal’s recent column on the Plan

> Read the key highlights and progress on the Plan here

NHVR promotes speed limiter tampering campaign

The NHVR has released a targeted education campaign focused on the safety risks caused by illegal speed limiter tampering.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the latest campaign aimed to prevent speeding before the foot touched the accelerator pedal.

“Tampering with a heavy vehicle’s speed limiter to increase speed capacity not only poses safety risks to the driver and other road users, but it is illegal,” Sal said.

> Read the full release and view the campaign here

NHVR welcomes new ATA chief executive

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto has welcomed the appointment of new Australian Trucking Association CEO Michael Deegan.

“Michael has decades of experience across infrastructure and transport in Australia and has delivered many positive and practical outcomes for industry,” Sal said.

“He joins the ATA at a pivotal time, as we work towards delivering a forward-looking heavy vehicle law to support improved safety and enhanced productivity.”

> The full statement can be found here

Tell a caravaner We Need Space

The NHVR met with caravaners travelling in south-west Queensland last week to highlight the keys to operating safely around heavy vehicles on regional roads this Spring.

NHVR Stakeholder Engagement officer Dan Casey said most caravaners were keen to understand their role in sharing regional roads safely with heavy vehicles.

“Simple things like understanding how long it takes to overtake a heavy vehicle, understanding braking distances and blind spots and the importance of leaving space at shared rest areas,” Dan said.

If you know someone who is travelling with a caravan, take the time to ensure they understand We Need Space to Keep You Safe. Click here for more information.

The trip to Condamine was one of many engagements activities conducted by the NHVR stakeholder team deliver across the country and online every year to discuss a range of heavy vehicle topics from route planning and access permits to safety systems and Chain of Responsibility requirements.

> For more information get in touch via email or call 136 487

Enforceable undertaking accepted following severe mass limit breach

The NHVR has accepted an enforceable undertaking from Zezt Pty Ltd that will see the company spend $23,430 towards Chain of Responsibility and mass requirements training.

An investigation by NHVR’s Safety and Compliance Officers found that on 1 July 2020 Zezt failed to comply with the mass requirements as required by s 96(1)(c) of the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

> Read more about the EU here

NHVR promotes Safety Bulletin for articulated cranes

The NHVR’s Chief Engineer Les Brusza has developed a Safety Bulletin about the safe operation of articulated cranes, also known as pick and carry cranes.

The Safety Bulletin highlights the unique handling and operational characteristics of articulated cranes and provides some additional measures that should be followed when operating these vehicles on the road network.

> To view the Safety Bulletin from the NHVR, click here