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The transition of NSW Class 1 Oversize and Overmass (OSOM) permit applications to the NHVR Portal marks the 12th and final permit delegation application returning from the state jurisdictions to the NHVR.

It means all Restricted Access Vehicles requiring an access permit to travel now have a single point of contact through the NHVR Portal on the entire route, including state, territory and local council roads.

The transition, which required cooperation between road managers, state government transport agencies and the NHVR, began with the transition of South Australia Class 3 permits in April 2017.

The NHVR Portal now services more than 15,000 access customers and is on target to process almost 80,000 access permits in the current financial year.

Overall the number of access permits required has decreased by about 40,000 per year over the past five years, due to the increased coverage of Notices.

Before submitting your application, please check you actually require a permit, as you may be able to operate under a notice or approved network.

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National Class 2 Road Train notice

A new national notice for road trains—the 2020 National Class 2 Road Train Notice—will commence on Thursday for road train access in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

NHVR Chief Regulatory Officer Don Hogben said the NHVR had been working closely with state and local government road managers to develop the Notice, which consolidates road train combination requirements, facilitates cross-border access and reduces permit volumes.

“For the first time, Victoria is part of the national road train notice, granting access to 36.5m A-doubles on a road network previously only accessible by permit,” Mr Hogben said.

“South Australia has enabled access under the Notice to 30m A-doubles, 36.5m B-triples and AB-triples, as well as rigid trucks towing two dog trailers—significantly reducing the number of permits required by operators of these combinations.

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Rear marker plates

The NHVR has agreed to extend the three-year transitional period for the transition to modern rear marker plates.

NHVR Manager Vehicle Safety and Performance Peter Austin said the NHVR would move to a ‘grandfathering approach’ that would allow industry to upgrade plates when they are next due for replacement, rather than a fixed transition date.

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Accreditation applications transition to NHVR Portal

All NHVAS applications and transactions will be required to be lodged via the NHVR Portal from Wednesday, July 1.

NHVAS Manager Darrin Rasmussen said NHVAS customers had been utilising the benefits of the NHVR Portal since November last year and most had made the transition to the digital platform.

“There are significant benefits to submitting applications through the NHVR Portal, including reducing data re-entry and providing greater customer visibility of accreditation modules and case tracking activities,” Darrin said.

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Temporary change to delivery of fatigue management modules

A temporary amendment is in place to allow NHVAS fatigue management training modules by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to be delivered via video conferencing, due to the requirement of social distancing and restriction related to coronavirus.

This applies for NHVR registered RTOs that have approval to deliver NHVAS fatigue management modules TLIF0005 and TLIF0006.

The RTO list will be regularly updated to include RTOs that have also been endorsed to deliver training by virtual means where required. This temporary change will remain until 30 September 2020 and will be reassessed as the social distancing and isolation restrictions change.

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