Message from the CEO

The continued emergence of new technology will present major opportunities for the heavy vehicle industry for many years to come.

Many of these new safety systems have the potential to assist the driver of a vehicle to operate the vehicle in a safer manner and to reduce the number and severity of road crashes.

The NHVR has played a growing role in supporting the use of new technology as we recognise the significant benefit on heavy vehicle safety and productivity. Whether you utilise fatigue detection, lane assist or simply make use of the increasingly detailed data on offer, technology is helping our industry be safer and more productive.

Technology is largely driven by industry and manufacturers meeting operator needs. As a regulator we’ll continue to encourage uptake and provide incentives where possible.

Take the opportunity to review the NHVR’s Vehicle Safety and Environmental Technology Uptake Plan and contact the NHVR about how we can reduce barriers in ensuring this technology is available to Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.


NHVR launches heavy vehicle technology blueprint

The NHVR has released a blueprint to support manufacturers and operators to incorporate the latest safety technology into new and existing heavy vehicles.

The Vehicle Safety and Environmental Technology Uptake Plan​ outlined five work packages to give Australia’s heavy vehicle industry certainty when installing new safety technology.

The NHVR’s Vehicle SETUPPlan was developed following a survey of manufacturers in 2018, and is designed to meet the targets set out in the Federal Government’s National Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2020.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the plan would be delivered over five work packages, including better harmonisation of Australian vehicle standards, better access to the latest vehicle technologies, ensuring appropriate in-service requirements, and industry education about new and emerging technology.

“When we surveyed manufacturers, we saw that there was very little consistency when it comes to installing newer types of safety technology,” Sal said.

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Roadside checks to be quicker and easier with the NHVR

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on-road officers in South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT will begin using technology that will reduce paperwork and time spent during roadside intercepts.

NHVR Chief Operations Officer Paul Salvati said that the Regulatory Compliance Mobility Solution (RCMS), which has already been implemented successfully in Victoria, would be rolled out in additional states over the coming weeks.

“The RCMS replaces the current paper-based system, allowing our officers to make better, more informed decisions in a more efficient way, keeping roads safe for all users,” Paul said.

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NHVR encourages heavy vehicle industry to get involved

The NHVR has welcomed the release of a consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) of the review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said that considerable work has gone into the development of the consultation RIS during an extensive consultation period.

“Since its introduction in 2014, the HVNL has raised numerous issues for the industry and the regulator and time is right for a new approach,” Sal said.

Consultation on the RIS is open until 25 October 2020.

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Tell us about bridges and culverts

The Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project (SLGAAP) is working with local governments and industry to identify bridges and culverts that need engineering assessments to improve access for OSOM vehicles.

The Phase 1 Pilot is well underway with 100 bridges and culverts across 12 councils now being assessed by engineers. Visit the SLGAAP project site to view the full list of councils and the assets involved in the pilot.

We are now taking expressions of interest from local governments for the next phase of the project. There is also an interactive mapping tool for industry to tell us about any bridges and culverts on heavy vehicle routes that currently may be restricted for OSOM access.

For more information visit

Or contact the NHVR Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project, contact the project team on or call 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487).

Accreditation applications transition to NHVR Portal

All NHVAS applications and transactions will be required to be lodged via the NHVR Portal from tomorrow – Wednesday, July 1.

> Sign up or login to the NHVR Portal at

Applications and transaction have been available through the Portal since November last year and most of you have made the transition to the digital platform.

The benefits of submitting applications through the NHVR Portal include reducing data re-entry and providing greater customer visibility of accreditation modules and case tracking activities. It also provides you with the ability to manage your records, including submitting an application, managing account information, reviewing application status, reviewing driver and vehicle lists and tracking audit associated responsibilities.

If you are an existing NHVR Portal user or have an Access, Registration or a Vehicle Standards account, the NHVR Portal administrators on the account won’t change.

Any additional Accreditation contacts can be added to the account with ‘User submitter’ permissions.

Take time for Portal tips

Have you transferred your business to the NHVR Portal? Need help applying for an accreditation module or assistance with your Portal account?

The Portal is now your one-stop-shop for all applications relating to Access, Registration and Vehicle Standards.

We’ve developed a range of videos to guide you through each stage of your application, from setting up your account to submitting applications.

If you need assistance in getting started, setting up your account or transitioning to the NHVR Portal, please visit the NHVR Portal Help Centre – Getting started using Accreditation or contact our Call Centre on 1300 696 487.

Applications can also be sent via post or fax where a digital platform is unavailable.

Have you got a question about coronavirus changes?
A lot may have changed across the heavy vehicle industry over the past few months, but safety still comes first.

Check out the latest advice for heavy vehicle operators at

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered on this page you can contact us by phone on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487), by email at or by sending us a message on Facebook.

NHVR Corporate Plan 2020-2023

The NHVR has released its Corporate Plan 2020-2023. The Corporate Plan defines the key activities we’ll undertake to ensure we achieve our safety, productivity, sustainability and regulatory capability outcomes. It also provides the performance measures and targets that will hold us to account and make sure we stay on track.

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