Stephen O’Dwyer
TMAA President
Stephen has been part of the traffic management industry for the past 15 years, holding senior leadership roles in national organizations and smaller state based businesses.

Stephen has held the position of TMAA President and has been involved with both TMAA QLD and TMAA VIC prior to their transition to TMAA Divisions. He has worked tirelessly to raise the profile and professionalism of the industry.
Stephen is the TMAA WA Board Member.

Ph: 0437 978 072

Ben Marsonet
TMAA Vice President

Ben has a career spanning over 10 years in the traffic management industry working across various operational, commercial and senior management roles.
Ben is currently the EGM of Operations for one of the largest traffic management businesses in Australia, employing over 2,500 traffic controllers across the country. A strong advocate for roadworker safety, Ben is continuing to work with road authorities and Tier 1 contractors to raise the profile of the industry and implement the safest outcomes for all roadworkers on the ‘front line’.

Ben is the TMAA board representative for NSW.


Andrew White
TMAA Treasurer
Andrew’s traffic management industry knowledge and expertise hails from over 10 years working in Management and Director roles. He has held positions on committees and worked closely with other roadwork based associations including AAPA, CCF and RIAA.  His ability to negotiate with road authorities and government drives the association’s goals and objectives. Andrew delivers key account management for the overall association financial framework.

Andrew is the TMAA Treasurer and TMAA SA Board Member.

Ph: 0404 041 632

Damien Heaslip
TMAA NT Board Representative

Damien has an industry history of nearly 30 years, his experience ranges from working in the Northern Territory, Far North Western Australia, Western Queensland and East Timor.

Damien developed his own version of traffic control during the early years to provide protection for new line marking. He was part of the first intake of traffic control plan designers in the late 1990s (now WZ1). He purchased Top End Line Markers in 2005, followed by starting Top End Traffic Control in 2010, and was instrumental in the formation of the TMAA NT Division in 2016.

Damien is the TMAA Board Representative for the Northern Territory.

Ph: 1300 798 772

Anthony Simmons

TMAA Secretary
TMAA Vic Board Representative

Anthony has been part of the Traffic Management Industry for over 10 years.

His Traffic Management Industry knowledge and expertise hails from working his way through the industry from Traffic Controller to his current position as General Manager Road Services.

Anthony is committed to the on going advancement of the industry through close consultation with Road Authorities, raising the professionalism through tiered training accreditation and believes the TMAA must continue to work towards standardisation and harmonisation across the country.

Anthony is the TMAA VIC Board Member.

PH: 0447 175 986

Andrew Clements
TMAA QLD Board Representative

Andrew Clements has over 15 years experience in the industry and has held both State Division Chair roles and represented the Association on numerous sub-committees. Andrew’s knowledge and expertise are second to none with regards the operational and theoretical application of traffic management training, implementation and auditing.

His safety mantra is central to his role where he is an active voice and implementer of trials for new safety and efficiency innovations. Andrew is consulted by other State Divisions for his knowledge and professional industry recognition.

Andrew is the TMAA QLD Board Member.