New Course – Skid Resistance

Do you want your road users to manoeuvre travel as safely as possible about your road network?  This short course will explain the fundamentals of skid resistance and how to manage it.

Technical advisors, consulting engineers, pavement designers and road network managers have a responsibility to ensure that an ‘appropriate’ level of skid resistance and surface texture are provided at all locations on their network. To do this they will need to understand how skid resistance works, how to measure and monitor it, what is appropriate, and what to do to improve it.  This virtual class will be presented over 3 @ 90 min sessions and cover the following aspects of skid resistance management using a highly practical approach.

Venue: Virtual Classroom

Session 01: 1st December 2020 – 9am-10:30am AEDT

Session 02: 1st December 2020 – 1pm-2:30pm AEDT

Session 03: 2nd December 2020 – 9am-10:30am AEDT

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