RoadWatch: Roundup

August 2020

Welcome to our monthly Austroads RoadWatch: Roundup for August. Discover our latest news, published reports, Guide updates, webinars and events.

Removing graffiti from roads and bridges

Austroads has published a technical specification (ATS 5820) instructing practitioners on applying anti-graffiti coating to items such as roadside furniture and traffic controller boxes on roads and bridges. The specification is accompanied by a test method (AGBT-T750) that provides guidance on coating durability, adhesion and resistance to damage when it is used on bridges.

“The specification and test method are part of a series of Austroads Technical Specifications to improve consistency and harmonisation of road and bridge construction,” said Ross Guppy, Program Manager Transport Infrastructure.

“These specifications will eventually save jurisdictions time in developing their own requirements, and save industry money in having to comply with different procedures in each jurisdiction.”

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Download the technical specification and test method:

ATS-5820-20 Anti-Graffiti Coatings

AGBT-T750-20 Effectiveness of Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Temporary Traffic Management Training Framework and Prequalification Scheme

Austroads is seeking feedback on a proposed temporary traffic management national training framework and prequalification scheme.

Austroads released the Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) in December 2019.

Since then we have been working with our member agencies to develop the National Training Framework and Prequalification Scheme for Temporary Traffic Management which are described in two documents:

National Training Framework for Temporary Traffic Management (pdf file)

National Prequalification Scheme for Temporary Traffic Management (pdf file)

Feedback on these documents should be provided by Friday 28 August.

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Valuing place in the road transport system

Transport agencies’ increasing adoption of the Movement and Place framework in their planning means they focus on enabling good Place outcomes as well as traditional Movement outcomes. Austroads has published a research report to guide transport practitioners in better classifying, measuring and valuing Place through transport planning processes.

“There is no one-size-fits-all definition of Place”, said Richard Delplace, Program Manager Transport Network Operations. “However, establishing a clear, consistent way to classify, measure and value it will support stakeholders from different professions and expertise to collaborate on enabling Place outcomes, and ultimately allow public spaces to be more appropriately recognised and prioritised in transport decision making”.

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Supporting road managers in making safe, effective road freight access decisions

Austroads has published a report reviewing heavy vehicle road access guidelines and tools used by state and local government road managers across Australia and New Zealand. The report contains a decision-making framework so road managers can consistently and efficiently benefit from using these tools.

“The report provides road managers with a level of clarity on heavy vehicle decision-making processes across Australia and New Zealand. It identifies common approaches and differences, to enable road managers to consider and apply this information in their own jurisdictions,” said Richard Delplace, Program Manager Transport Network Operations.

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Join us for a webinar on Thursday 20 August from 1:00–2:00pm AEST, presented by authors Drew Gaynor and Christina Chin. This webinar outlines the proposed decision-making framework designed to help heavy vehicle operators and road asset owners make clear and consistent road access and compliance assessment decisions.

No charge but registration essential. Can’t make the live session? Register and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

Austroads’ input into four revised bitumen-related standards

Austroads has provided expert technical input into the update of four Australian standards for bitumen and related products used in road construction.

“In Australia and New Zealand, bituminous binders and cutters are an important component of the Australasian road network and it is imperative to ensure they will perform satisfactorily during road construction and maintenance. Many of the Australian standards which are used to determine if bitumen and related materials are suitable for use in road construction were last updated in the late 1990s. Some of the specified materials were no longer available,” said Ross Guppy, Austroads Program Manager, Transport Infrastructure.

The four standards are:

AS 2341.3 Determination of kinematic viscosity

AS 2341.12 Determination of penetration

AS 2341.18 Determination of softening point

AS 3568 Oils for reducing the viscosity of bituminous binders for pavements.
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Data requirements for automatic and electric vehicle registration

To support the registration of automated and electric vehicles (AVs and EVs), additional data may be required to support jurisdictional registration systems. 

In July 2020, Austroads completed a project documenting the registration data requirements for AVs and EVs, including potential operational and safety impacts such as impacts on compulsory third-party insurance arrangements, and potential data flows between existing and future data sources and jurisdictional registration systems.

The project focused on achieving a nationally consistent approach to the required changes, and providing certainty to industry and vehicle owners, particularly where borders are crossed during operations or as a result of change of vehicle ownership.

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Upcoming Austroads webinars

Framework and Tools for Road Freight Access Decisions
Thursday 20 August, 1.00 pm AEST
This webinar presents the findings and recommendations of a review of the heavy vehicle road access tools used in jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand.

Latest webinar recordings

Transport Modelling for Project Managers
9 July 2020
This webinar provides an overview of a resource designed to equip practitioners who may not have specific technical experience in transport modelling with clear and practical guidance to help make informed decisions when procuring modelling services or communicating the associated processes.

Tactical Urbanism – Streets for People
21 July 2020
This webinar outlines the latest actions in tactical urbanism and how they influence the rethink of public space to build cities that are more inclusive, safe and prosperous for all.

Procurement Decision Tool: A Case Study of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing
31 July 2020
This webinar provides an overview of a new procurement tool and its application to a road infrastructure project, the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing in Queensland. The tool is designed to significantly advance value for money in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

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Recent research

BITRE: Road deaths Australia – monthly bulletins
This monthly bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is published on BITRE’s website on or around the 14th of each month. Data are sourced from the road traffic or police authorities in each jurisdiction.

Accompanying road safety statistics and an Australian Road Deaths Database are also updated monthly

BITRE: Freight route performance under COVID-19
This information sheet provides estimates of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on freight vehicle travel times on selected routes in Australian major cities in early 2020. There were shorter and more predictable travel times on many routes, primarily due to reduced commuting trips. This helped the freight industry to maintain supply chains during the initial stages of the pandemic.

Standards Australia Smart Cities Roadmap
To help local government develop Smart City projects, Standards Australia has released the Smart Cities Standards Roadmap.

Through 11 recommendations, the roadmap identifies technical issues, prioritises the order of standards development and considers systems for adopting international standards.

Upcoming conferences

Conference organisers are carefully reviewing their arrangements to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please be aware that details may change at short notice.

NEW Mobility 2020 – MaaS, Future Mobility & More – online forum, 2-3 September 2020

IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning – 8-week course starting 14 September 2020

Australasian Tunnelling Conference, Melbourne, 29 November-3 December, 2020

NEW 2021 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, Online, 21-22 and 25-29 January 2021

IABSE Congress, Christchurch, 3-5 February 2021

17th ITS Asia Pacific Forum, Brisbane, 12-15 April 2021

AITPM National Traffic and Transport Conference, Brisbane,  27-30 July 2021

19th AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference 2021, Brisbane, 16-18 August 2021

2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Melbourne, 28-30 September 2021