As you know Fulton Hogan has committed to move traffic controllers out of live lanes in 2021. To do this, it requires us to look at how we manage traffic and to embed changes to how we work.

Here is a summary of the actions required by managers to help make this happen and a summary of changes to be adopted.


·         Contact your traffic management subcontractors to inform them of the changes

·         Share this invite for subcontractors to join a live update on 4 March 2021*

·         Complete the Move Out of Live Lanes toolbox with your team before end of March 2021. Direct video links included below if required.

·         Provide feedback to the Traffic Critical Risk Group and/or your Regional Safety Managers.

*This event will be hosted by the Traffic Critical Risk Group. Subcontractors are invited to share this within their business.


A suite of resources are available to you on the Traffic Critical Risk – AU page on theHub to help you and your team manage these changes.

These include;

–       Compulsory traffic tool box for employees

–       Manager Q&As

–       Links to the updated how to Plan and Manage Road Traffic procedure and Traffic Control Decision Tree to help you identify alternative ways to manage traffic

–       Traffic toolkits; and more.

Please download these documents so you can complete the actions listed above.


New requirements are being introduced for traffic controllers to move them out of live lanes. These requirements apply to everyone carrying out traffic management for or on behalf of Fulton Hogan. A transition period is in place from now up to 1 June 2021 to allow time for the changes to be adopted in full.

1)    REDUCE the use of STOP/SLOW bat by using alternate traffic management methods, it a last resort device

2)    The appropriate Fulton Hogan (two-up manager) approval must be obtained to use STOP/SLOW bats BEFORE commencement of work.

3)    Traffic controllers MUST BE positioned a minimum of 1.2m from live traffic when working near live lanes.

Further updates will be distributed over the coming weeks as we work to transition to these changes.

We thank you for your support in leading this safety change for our people. If you need support please contact your Regional Safety Manager or the Traffic Critical Risk Group at any stage.

Stay safe.

Brett Smiley

General Manager Construction – Northern and Central Regions

In the event the link to the Move out of Live Lanes – Traffic Controllers video does not work in the above link, please use one of the below: