June 22 TC / MUTCD Q-series signs released

The June 2022 release of Traffic Control (TC) and MUTCD Q-series signs is now available.
TC signs are a collection of non-standard traffic control signs that have been officially approved under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management ) Act 1995. These signs are generally site specific and have been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS1743 Roads Signs – Specifications.
TC signs are grouped by category on the departmental website so users can filter the database by keyword or TC sign number to identify the relevant category for download as a zip file.
A full collection of TC signs is also published, which includes an index that, on extraction of the large zip file, assists in searching the collection and provides thumbnail views of TC signs matching search terms.
MUTCD Q-series signs can be found in Part 1 of the Queensland Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. These signs are designed for specific use in Queensland.
TC and MUTCD Q-series signs are updated quarterly in response to stakeholder feedback and to incorporate updates to other Australian Standard signs.
Details of changes to TC and MUTCD Q-signs are recorded in the TC Signs amendment register.