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Last week, the TMAA Board held a facilitated planning session to solidify the direction of our Association for the year ahead. It is significant to note the recurring theme of national harmonisation in our future direction, but not without the involvement of our Divisions and drivers at local level for industry change and innovation.


The TMAA’s vision is a safe and zero harm traffic management industry across Australia.


The TMAA’s mission is to lead, unify and achieve best practice within the traffic management industry on behalf of all members.


In order to achieve its Mission, TMAA will:

1. Promote and advocate on behalf of industry

2. Collaborate with collegiate partners to promote safety

3. Expand membership and run member services

4. Govern the association well

We have steered TMAA to become the expert, peak body for our industry across the country and we will continue to advocate for safety and change for all our state/territory jurisdictions. With representation on our 15 Working Committees Australia-wide, I can assure Members and Associates your voices are being heard.

As Executive Officer, my objective has been to represent the industry, the members and associates in collaborating with government, road authorities and key stakeholders to promote safety. This continues to be a prime focus for myself and our Association, and I remind you all to keep safety first at the forefront of all that you do. Our involvement with National Road Safety Week (NRSW) and the coinciding television and social media airings of the TMAA Your Speed is Our Safety Campaign (YSIOS), denote the importance of the safety message to all. Pledge to be safe and share our YSIOS campaign during NRSW in May, with internal teams and external stakeholders.

Keeping safe has been a key priority during COVID and with the ability to safely introduce webinar series, face to face workshops and events in each Division, I am delighted to invite you all to participate in the TMAA ‘Redefining Traffic Management’ Conference to be held in Melbourne on 3 & 4 June, 2021. This COVID safe event will house an array of traffic management, road and construction equipment, and provide a forum for national and local keynote speakers. It is also an opportunity to re-engage with your peers and experts to ensure industry currency.

Our direction for 2021, delivering our pillars above, continues to boost our membership numbers and benefits, as we lead the way for the future of traffic management. Join us.


Louise Van Ristell

Executive Officer



p: 1300 798 772

po box 474