Welcome to the first Traffic Management at Roadworks newsletter of 2019.
We hope all companies have had a safe and successful first quarter.

Contacting RNOC
Traffic Controllers contacting RNOC prior to working on State roads shall be concise and specific with their advice/request. The controller shall advise of the:

– Direction of works
– Lane closed (Verge or median)
– Duration of works
– Contact person & number

Expiring accreditations!!

Over 85 companies have certificates expiring prior to October 2019. You are reminded to reapply to the scheme prior by the 10th May in order to leave us with sufficient time to review your application and issue accreditation.

We cannot guarantee that applications received after this date will be processed in time.

Signal Approval timeframes

The Road Planned Interventions unit of Main Roads have recently rejected multiple TMP applications that did not meet the minimum turnaround timeframes. Companies are reminded that approval shall be sought 15 business days prior to the works commencing. For further information on the approval process for works at signals, refer to the Main Roads Code of Practice