Updated TIPDS Volume 3 – Prequalification Systems

TIPDS Volume 3 has been updated!

Transport Infrastructure Project Delivery System, Volume 3 – Prequalification System has been updated to include new grey-framed text boxes which hold Queensland and Transport and Main Roads prequalification system requirements. These additions can be found in:

  • Clause 1.1 – Added grey text box
  • Clause 6.4 – Added grey text box
  • Appendix A, Table A1 – Added a grey text box to reflect the changes to AADT for R3 category. These changes have been made to strengthen the department’s requirements by eliminating any ambiguity in the existing clauses in order to manage TMR prequalified contractors efficiently.

Click the link below to view TIPDS Volume 3:
TIPDS Volume 3: Prequalification System (Department of Transport and Main Roads) (tmr.qld.gov.au) 
View the Publication news page on the TMR website.