“The TMAA’s mission is to promote national harmonisation and best practice within the unified traffic management industry through engagement and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.”

“The TMAA’s vision is safety, compliance and harmonisation across Australia.”

Safety. Compliance. Observation. Protection. Engagement.

Committed to best practice
The Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) is the peak body for Traffic Management. The TMAA provides the strategic direction for Traffic Management and Traffic Control across Australia. The TMAA represents Traffic Management and Traffic Control companies throughout Australia and its prime goal is to ensure best practice and compliance within the industry nationally.

The TMAA promotes and lobbies for national standards in all deliverables and capabilities within this industry. Key focus areas of the TMAA include: safety, training, industrial relations, policy development, national standardisation, product and equipment review, advisory provider to federal government and other associated bodies and organisations. The TMAA will provide collective representation to Government, Unions and other industry stakeholders on behalf of its membership.

The TMAA strives to develop strong working relationships with all stakeholders and to provide strategic advice and planning for future Traffic Control compliance, harmonisation, policy and procedures.

Traffic management companies and traffic controllers across the country work in a range of multi-billion dollar infrastructure, recovery, relief and rebuild projects. We represent the front end of all works on projects: repair, emergencies, events, utilities, building and construction.

The TMAA represents a total cross section of industry providers from small regional businesses to national traffic management companies working across all states and all road and infrastructure projects. The continued growth of traffic management across the nation is a direct result of the growth in government and private projects currently under development and planned for the future.

TMAA will engage with all stakeholders and members to work for common goals and seek consistent standards in:

  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Training & Development
  • National Registration and Licensing
  • Equipment
  • Industrial Relations
  • PPE
  • Work conditions
  • Industry compliance

Election Notice and nomination form E2017/217 & E2017/247

Download below.

Election and Nomination Form – TMAA – M M Committee

The AEC election

The AEC election for the TMAA Board Representative will open 17 October 2017 and nominations will be forwarded to TMAA NT members only.


12th October Sydney meeting

TMAA will be applying to the Registered Organisations Commission for a rule change and this will be voted on 12 October at a General Members Meeting in Sydney.

E2017/105 TMAA Vacancy Election - Post election report and Uncontested declaration

E2017.105 TMAA Vacancy Election – Post Election Report

E2017.105 TMAA Vacancy Election – Declaration of Uncontested Offices

TMAA proposed rule changes.

The TMAA is proposing new rule changes at a General Members Meeting on 8 June. Agenda and proposed rule changes available for download below.


AGM agenda

Proposed rule changes

Towards Zero



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Your Speed is our Safety

Your Speed is our Safety.
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Traffic Management. Our Job, Your Safety

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