“The TMAA’s mission is to lead, unify and achieve best practice within the traffic management industry on behalf of all members.”

“The TMAA’s vision is a safe and zero harm traffic management industry across Australia.”


TMAA has had significant success in raising the profile of our industry and bringing the voice of traffic management companies to Government and industry sectors that we support. Never before has there been such an opportunity to shape the way our industry develops, is trained and affected by policy. TMAA is our industry’s voice and it contributes to all major conversations that pertain to what we do on the road every day. It’s important that we continue to focus on relevant issues and create a solid foundation for our next chapter, what are we going to do and how are we going to do it? Our Mission will be achieved through focusing on

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The TMAA announces the Office Bearer October 2020 election of President and Vice President and the finalisation of the Office Bearer election in March 2021 with the election of Treasurer and Secretary. The election reports are available from tmaa@tmaa.asn.au upon request.

It is with pleasure we announce the TMAA Office Bearer elections are now finalised with the positions as follows:

TMAA President Stephen O’Dwyer (representing TMAA WA)

TMAA Vice President Ben Marsonet (representing TMAA NSW)

TMAA Treasurer Andrew White (representing TMAA SA)

TMAA Secretary Anthony Simmons (representing TMAA VIC)

TMAA NT Board Member Damien Heaslip

TMAA QLD Board Member Andrew Clements

Term of office is until early 2022.

We would like to acknowledge the work of Camille O’Meara, who represented the TMAA TAS Division and undertook the office of TMAA Secretary. We thank Camille for her work to establish the TMAA TAS Division and her collaborative work with all stakeholders. We wish her well in her future endeavours. An election for the TMAA TAS Board Member will be undertaken by the AEC in the near future.

We congratulate all Board members. For further information about your Board members visit https://tmaa.asn.au/our-board/

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