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TMAA South Australia

We welcome you to join TMAA SA: Empowering Traffic Control Companies in South Australia.

The Traffic Management Association of Australia, South Australia Division (TMAA SA) is the premier industry body for Traffic Control companies in South Australia, operating under the national umbrella of TMAA. We offer a powerful platform for our members to engage in direct communication with government entities, transport departments, training institutions, industry representatives, occupational health and safety providers, and various other local stakeholders.

At TMAA SA, we prioritize key focus areas that are vital to our industry's success:

  1. Safety: Ensuring the highest standards of safety in traffic control operations.
  2. Training: Promoting professional development and continuous learning opportunities for our members.
  3. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S): Collaborating to uphold and enhance OH&S practices in the industry.
  4. Industrial Relations: Advocating for fair and equitable working conditions for our members.
  5. Sponsorship Opportunities: Facilitating partnerships and sponsorship arrangements to support industry growth.

TMAA SA stands as a strong Association representing our industry members. With the backing of TMAA at the national level, we actively listen and take action on industry matters. Moreover, we provide collective representation to government bodies and other important industry stakeholders.

We firmly believe in engaging with all stakeholders and our valued members to work towards common goals. Through this collaborative approach, we strive for consistent standards that are subject to continuous review and improvement.

We encourage you to reach out to us and contribute valuable information that will assist in enhancing the safety of traffic control operations in South Australia. Join TMAA SA today and be part of a united force that drives positive change, upholds industry standards, and fosters a safer traffic control environment for all.

TMAA SA Division Chair
Stefan Webb

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