The Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) was registered in November 2011 to provide a national peak body and voice for the Traffic Management Industry. The continued growth and development of the Traffic Management industry within Australia represents new challenges for companies and government.

With infrastructure, restructure and recovery and building projects reaching billion dollar proportions across Australia, and with Traffic Management providing an enforced and pivotal role in these projects, the TMAA will ensure excellence in standards and safety for its member companies.

The Traffic Management industry is a key player in the infrastructure, road network, planning and building, public events emergency services, utility services, repair and reconstruction sectors throughout Australia. With State Divisions working together through TMAA the nationalisation and standardisation of this rapidly growing industry can take place. The TMAA members and board will target key committees and decision making bodies to provide advice and feedback on policy, processes and procedures for the future of the industry.

The diverse range of traffic management projects requires mandatory safety, training and development practices within companies. The Traffic Management Association of Australia seeks to ensure these practices are uniform and are implemented universally within the industry.